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Engel Toni Coppers


Toni Coppers

Published May 2009
ISBN : 9789022323861
271 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After receiving a review copy of a later novel in this series I decided to have a look at some earlier work. This story is situated in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. And Liese Meerhout is still with the art squad.A nightwatchman in the Brussels museum for the beautiful Arts find a little angel in a pool of blood. Chief Inspector Liese Meerhout of the Brussels art & fraud squad gets called in to find out what is going on.Very soon there will be clues addressed to Liese personally and she gets pulled into a series of killings based upon facts from art-history. The clues are not that obvious and Liese starts working for the murder squad due to her personal involvement. Her involvement seems to become more personal with each clue....A nice police novel that does a good job being about art history and murder, while at the same time giving a good feeling about the city of Brussels where this novel is situated. It is my personal opinion after reading two novels by this writer that he should be translated into English for a larger audience who might enjoy a Belgian police novel that is not written by Simenon.